Architects, Probationers and Firms in Good Standing 2022

Dear Architects/ Architectural Firms

We bring you compliments from the Architects Registration Council. This is to humbly remind you that we have sent several emails reminding you to pay up your annual subscription fees. The Parliamentary Select Committee on Works and Housing would like to see a publication of the list of Architects and Architectural Firms in good standing.

The listed registered architects, firms and probationers are those in good standing with the Architects Registration Council (ARC/Council). These architects and firms are the ONLY professionals and architectural consulting firms permitted to practice architecture and in the case of probationers work under registered architects in Ghana. The public and all government entities are advised to engage ONLY these listed professional architects and architectural consulting firms and may contact the ARC/COUNCIL through the information provided.

All must note that whereas the Architects Act 1969, NLCD 357 Section 5. Functions of the Council, (2) (b) states the other functions of the Council to include;

 Maintain and publish a register of architects

It must be emphasized that the directive is that the Council should publish names of Architects and Firms who have paid their subscription and those who are yet to make due diligence thus, the Parliamentary Committee indicated that must be done immediately.

and Section 12 Register of architects states that;

The Council shall keep a register of architects in which the name of a person immediately on being accepted for registration by the Board, shall be registered showing against that name the particulars that the Board considers necessary,

We acknowledge receipt of some Mobile Money payments which cannot be traced to any architects or firms. All efforts to identify these architects and firms have not yielded any result. Kindly contact us with your payment details if you have made payment but your name has not reflected in the publication list.

A copy of the Architects Act 1969, NLCD 357 can be downloaded from the website of the Architects Registration Council (ARC/Council) at or you may email us through for any assistance.