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Architects Registration Council Special Induction



The Architects Registration Council (ARC), proudly recognizes the Ghanaian-British Architect, Sir David Adjaye who was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 2017 and is the recipient of several reputable awards and is to induct him as a Newly Admitted Architect in Ghana. This is, after the completion of due processes and counting the intrinsic and admirable global contributions he made to architecture through diverse creative designs and innovative use of materials and light. Section 5(1) of the Architects Act 1969, NLCD 357 states: (a)‘the Council shall be concerned with the Architecture profession and is charged with the responsibility of securing the highest practical standards in the practice of Architecture’. This, the ARC seeks to do and is committed to sacredly guarding, hence the importance and significance of this and any other induction ceremony. Sir David, your efforts have indeed brightened the shine on our beloved country. Today marks your special Induction Ceremony to be licensed to practice Architecture in the Republic of Ghana. The Council and all believe your practice in Ghana, along side other professionals, will continue to be of noteworthy successes to increase the Intellectual Capital of professionals in the built environment. This will certainly cause speedy and momentous changes in Ghana’s physical, socioeconomically horizon and lifestyles. Congratulations. May the Almighty Father, the Architect of the universe favor you as you reach this new milestone and continue on your practice as a licensed Architect in Ghana.