What is the Architects Registration Council (ARC)?

The Architects Registration Council (ARC) is the statutory body for the regulation and promotion of architectural practice in Ghana. It was established in 1969 by the enactment into law, of the Architects Act, NLCD 357 to: be concerned with the architectural profession in Ghana secure […]

What is the Governing Body of the ARC?

The governing body of the ARC is a Board, consisting of 10 members as follows: One registered architect nominated by the Ministry of Works and Housing Five members nominated by the Ghana Institute of Architects One member nominated by the Faculty of Architecture of the […]

Wasn’t the GIA before now doing exactly what the ARC is supposed to be doing?

Yes. Much as the said Decree has been in existence all this while, the ARC functioned only for a period between 1969 up to the mid 70’s and gradually got subsumed as the GIA Council. The GIA for that matter became the de facto registration […]

What is therefore the difference between the GIA and ARC?

The GIA is a professional Association like the Ghana Bar Association or the Ghana medical Association. These are associations or ‘clubs’ of similar professionals with their own constitutions, bylaws and regulations, are self-finding, elect their own officers and run their affairs and secretariats. They can […]

Are there other separated professional associations and registration bodies in Ghana?

Yes. There are the following examples: National Association     Legal Registration Body Ghana Medical Association (GMA)     Medical and Dental Council Ghana Bar Association (GBA)     General Legal Council Pharmaceutical Society     Pharmacy Council

Why is the Ghana Institution of engineers (Gh.IE) or the Ghana Institution of Surveyors (GIS) not among the above list?

These two sister Institutions within the construction / building industry are also professional because their membership is like a school with many disciplines within the ‘Institution’, These are Civil, Mechanical, electrical etc for the Engineers and similarly Quantity Surveyors, Land Surveyors, unlike the architectural profession, […]

Are there similar professional Associations and Registration Bodies elsewhere?

Yes, there are the following examples: Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) & Architects Registration Board – formerly ARCUK Nigeria Institute of Architects ((NIA) & Architects Registration Council of Nigeria (ARCON) South African Institute of Architects (SAIA) & South African Council of Architects (SACS)

Does the above mean that the ARC can prosecute members of the public who infringe on the Architects Decree?

Yes. The power of law will be behind the ARC if it so desires to caution or prosecute anyone, architects and members of the public alike, if they are deemed to have seriously infringed on the law as outlined through the Architects Decree of 1969 […]

Who can register an architectural Firm with the ARC?

With the resuscitation of the ARC all earlier registered architects and firms with the GIA were deemed to be prima-facie registerable with the ARC, subject to the completion of ARC application forms and payment of ARC registration fees. For new registrations of firms the current […]

Do Firms really have to register?

Yes. Architectural Firms need to also register with the ARC. The same is expected of any Foreign Firm working on a project (s) in Ghana. Such a firm is expected to work in association with a local Ghanaian Firm. Their expatriate resident or visiting architects […]

Can, and should any trained architect register with the ARC?

Yes, any trained architect with a recognized professional degree by the Council can and should Register with the ARC in so far as they intend working or practicing the architectural profession in Ghana. The categories of registerable persons are inclusive of fresh graduates in architecture, […]

Why is the ARC located within the GIA Secretariat?

In view of the inability of the Ministry of Works and Housing to immediately provide or even rent any property for the ARC, the Council has since its resuscitation moved in and now shares premises with the Ghana Institute of Architects (GIA) at No. 3 […]

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