Who can register an architectural Firm with the ARC?

With the resuscitation of the ARC all earlier registered architects and firms with the GIA were deemed to be prima-facie registerable with the ARC, subject to the completion of ARC application forms and payment of ARC registration fees.

For new registrations of firms the current ARC regulation requires that the Principal of such a firm or partnership should have a minimum of 10 years post-registration experience. The Firm may also be expected to meet some minimum requirements as may be determined by the ARC. It is however to be noted that any registered architect (even with 1-year post registration experience) is still entitled to practice in his or her name as an individual without hindrance. Operating a firm on the other hand is an accreditation with the endorsement of the ARC and requires the some basic safeguards of experience (that has a time component) and an ability to properly train other younger architect etc.