Why is the ARC located within the GIA Secretariat?

In view of the inability of the Ministry of Works and Housing to immediately provide or even rent any property for the ARC, the Council has since its resuscitation moved in and now shares premises with the Ghana Institute of Architects (GIA) at No. 3 Ninth Road, Ridge Accra. The building was a small dilapidated disused Government bungalow that was allocated by the Ministry of Works and Housing in October 1986 to the GIA which then also performed the functions of the ARC and therefore enjoyed Government subvention. This subvention was however discontinued when the country’s economic situation worsened. The allocation of the bungalow and later rehabilitation by the GIA saved the Institute from rent payment that was a big problem at the time. The ARC and GIA are now pursuing plans towards acquiring a land title from Government that would facilitate a joint full development of an “Architecture House” with facilities to house the 2 bodies and for let as offices etc.