Architects, Probationers and Firms in Good Standing

In exercise of the powers conferred on the Architects Registration Council by the Architects and Firms in Good standing, and thus legally permitted to work in Ghana, are presented for the information of all government ministries/ departments, parastatals, petropolitan/ Municipal/ district assemblies, public/ private corporate bodies, employers and general public.

It is a punishable offence under the Architects Act (1969) for a person working or carrying on a business in Ghana and not being an Architect registered under the Act to use or cause to use, or permit to be used in connection with his name under which he carries on the work or business, the word “Architect”. “Architecture” or “Architectural” or any words, initials, or abbreviation of words intended to cause or which may reasonably cause a person to believe that the person using the name is an architect. Roadside or building signage using any of these words is included in this category of offence.

All government, ministries, departments, agencies and other local employers of foreign architects and firms working temporarily on any building or construction project in Ghana, or any foreign architect or firm carrying out any duties (advisor, project manager, etc.) in any field as an architect, are also reminded and requested to ensure that such persons or firms also register with the council as required by the Architects Act (1969). The council shall, where necessary, pursue the prosecution through the police and the Courts of any persons or firms that are in contravention of the Architects Act, 1969 (NLCD 357).