Fellow Architects, it is refreshing that you come on board at such a time that our nation is reviving the values nation rebuilding, kindly accept my congratulations, it certainly has been an arduous journey of hard work arriving at this point.
Let me however caution you that a lot is expected of you as professionals of the built environment.
Government policy on industrialization, transportation, housing and inner city redevelopment are all opportunities available to you to make an impact for our well being.
As a nation, having development aspirations are not enough because we face tough global challenges in trying to make a difference to the welfare of people.
On a daily basis we are challenged by environmental issues, development capital, infrastructure deficit, urban regeneration, traffic congestion, etc.
What difference does you bring to change the narrative as you step out to contribute your quota?
What do you intend to do differently in an ethical manner as we are confronted by challenges of intellectual integrity and prudence.
In a development context, it is often said… that our built environment professionals have failed us because the quality of our urban spaces have not contributed to our wealth generation.
Architects all over the world are considered innovative icons if change for mankind, cities are contributing to positive nation growth especially in Europe and Southeast Asia, but father same be said of Accra?
And where do you situate as Architects?
Innovation, creative thinking and transformational conduct must be your guiding principlesbecause our society expects so much from you.
We must erase the perception that Archiects are concerned only with the dreams if the rich and famous and have little or no regards for the more daunting challenges if a dysfunctional city?
Are you going to be different?
Do you have personal value systems that are hinged on ethical practice?
Are you prepared to think outside your studio?

It is unfortunate that as Architects, the silence if your contribution to national issues are visibly deafening.
This nation needs to accelerate our development agenda at a speed never before, but unfortunately Architects are not in board.
We need a more vibrant intervention on climate change, innovative settlement planning, functional technology and urbanization.
Architects used to be the at the forefront of project development, but you need to re-energize and contribute a lot more, we are seeing too many developments promoted by foreign entities and u am not sure how we preserve our Ghanaian identity and character under the circumstances.
To meet the global challenge, you to expand the content and scope of your practice and to build your capacities in a way that make you the preferred practioner.