10. Qualifications

Subject to section 11, a person is entitled to be registered as an architect on payment of the prescribed fee if that person is a member of the Institute and;

  1.  is a person who has passed the qualifying examinations in the courses prescribed or approved by the Board under this Act, and completes practical training of the description and for the period prescribed by the Board,
  2.  is a person who has passed the qualifying examinations of a society or institute of architects by whatever name called, approved by the Board as an association of equivalent status to the Institute, or
  3.  is a person who was a member of the Ghana Institute of Architects immediately before the commencement of this Act.
11. Disqualifications
  1. A person shall not be registered as an architect
    1.  unless that person;
      1.  is resident in the Republic,
      2.  has attained the age of twenty-one years, and
      3.  has paid the prescribed fees; or
    2.  if that person has been, by a court of competent jurisdiction
      1.  adjudged to be of unsound mind, or
      2.  convicted whether in the Republic or elsewhere, of an offence involving fraud or dishonesty; or
      3.  has paid the prescribed fees; or
    3.  if, having been adjudged an insolvent or bankrupt, has not been granted by a court of competent jurisdiction, a certificate to the effect that the insolvency or bankruptcy has arisen wholly or partly from unavoidable losses or misfortunes.
  2.  Despite anything in this section, a non-resident person who is otherwise qualified may make a special application for temporary registration for the purposes of executing a specific project.
12. Register Of Architects

The Council shall keep a register of architects in which the name of a person immediately on being accepted for registration by the Board, shall be registered showing against that name the particulars that the Board considers necessary.

13. Striking Off and Cancellation of Registration
  1. Subject to section 14, the Board may strike off the register the name of an architect if satisfied that the architect;
    1.  is unfit to practise the profession of architecture by reason of having been found guilty of professional misconduct, or
    2.  has become subject to a disqualification mentioned in section 11.
  2.  The Board may strike off the register the name of an architect if the prescribed fees remain unpaid for a period exceeding six months.
  3.  A person whose name is struck off the register under subsection (1) may have the name restored if the Board is satisfied that the architect has become subsequently fit and proper person to practise the profession of architecture, on the settlement of the penalties decided by the Board.
14. Inquiries by Disciplinary Committee
  1. The name of a person shall not be struck off the register unless a disciplinary committee has, after due inquiry, made a report to the Board that the person concerned has been found guilty of professional misconduct or is otherwise disqualified under section 11.
  2. Where the Board has reasonable cause to believe, whether on complaint made to it or otherwise, that the conduct of a registered architect constitutes a professional misconduct, the Board may appoint a disciplinary committee for the purpose of holding an inquiry into the conduct of that architect.
  3. The First Schedule shall apply in relation to:
    1. the constitution of and the procedure to be followed by a disciplinary committee appointed under subsection (2),
    2. the proceedings at inquiries held by the committee, and
    3. the powers exercisable by the committee.
15. Suspension

The Board may, in lieu of exercising its powers under section 13, suspend the registered architect for the period that the Board considers fit.

16. Appeals to the High Court
  1.  A person aggrieved by a decision of the Board under section 11, or section 13 or section 15 may appeal against that decision to the High Court.
  2.  An appeal under subsection (1) against a decision shall
    1.  be made by petition, in writing, bearing a stamp of the requisite value,
    2.  be lodged within three months after the date of the decision, and
    3.  subject to the Rules of Court, be decided by the High Court after a summary inquiry that the High Court considers requisite.
17. Restriction on the Use of Titles
  1.  A person whose name is not entered in the register shall not take or use the title of “Architect”, or
    practise under a name, title or style containing the word “Architect”, “Architecture”, or “Architectural”.
  2.  Despite anything contained in subsection (1), a firm of architects, one of the partners of which is a
    registered architect may take and use the title “Architects” or practise under a name, title or style containing
    the word “Architects”, “Architecture”, or “Architectural”.