Your registration with ARC entitles you to call yourself an architect. This is a statutory privilege which signifies that you are a full qualified professional who as a result of long and intensive period of study and practical experience can bring a high level of architectural expertise to every aspect of a building project.

Your registration set you apart from other individuals operating in today’s market place who have not been awarded statutory recognition and enables consumers to be confident they are instructing a fully-qualified and regulated professional architect


The Architects Act 1969 clearly spells out the Bye-Laws, Code of Conduct and Ethics of Practice as well as accompanying disciplinary action in case of a default for all registered architects and probationers (will be architects). These guide the conduct of all professionals in order to maintain a sanitized environment for practice.


  1. Obtain a 6-year M.Arch degree or a 5-year B. Arch degree from K.N.U.S.T. or Central University (C.U.) respectively.
  2. Register as a Probationer with the Architects Registration Council (ARC). This candidate is then registered on the Provisional Register and issued an Annual Practicing Certificate renewable yearly.
  3. Understudy a senior Registered Architect for a minimum of 2 years for KNUST graduates or 3 years for CU graduates.
  4. Register and submit all requisite documents for the Professional Practice Examinations (PPE). These documents may include:
    1. a completed application form.
    2. your current Curriculum Vitae (CV).
    3. a completed log book.
    4. design report
  5. Register and participate in all PPE preparatory seminars.
  6. Sit for the PPE. Upon successfully passing the PPE, the architect is inducted, entered onto the Standing Register of Registered Architects and issued a license to practice. This license is equally renewable yearly.

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