Wasn’t the GIA before now doing exactly what the ARC is supposed to be doing?

Yes. Much as the said Decree has been in existence all this while, the ARC functioned only for a period between 1969 up to the mid 70’s and gradually got subsumed as the GIA Council. The GIA for that matter became the de facto registration authority and regulator of the architectural profession in Ghana. However over time the GIA has gradually realized it does not in fact have the full legal authority towards the enforcement of the provisions the Architects Decree of 1969. In this regard it set a process in motion in 1997 towards the resuscitation of the Architects Registration Council as outlined in the 1969 Architects Decree that would have the powers to actually regulate, police and ‘sanitize’ the profession. This culminated in the inauguration of the reconstituted Architects Registration Council on 18th September 2000 by the then Honorable Minister of Works and Housing.